Return on Investment – Oreos

Week 10 is here and also the realization that this will be the last blog post. Well let’s buckle down and get started into this week’s activity. This week we had the chance to learn about the details of Return of Investment (ROI) for organisations. The task presented tells us to identify and discuss a ROI example in regards to social media implementations.

ROI is all about the gained revenue and benefits in relation to business implementation costs. Potential gains and benefits can broken up into two elements, tangible (real) and intangible (difficult to measure). When evaluating ROI examples it is sometimes hard to fully realise the success of intangible benefits. Organisations of course like to see benefits in terms of profit revenues, however it is important to take into consideration some off the non-visible benefits that may have a risen as a result of effective social media implementations. Let’s take a look at an example of a social media campaign implementation.


Everyone one should be familiar with the popular chocolate cookie called Oreos. Currently the best-selling cookie in the United States, Oreos believe it is one of the worlds favourite cookies. Introduced in 1912, Oreos distributes their cookie to more than 100 external countries around the globe. Oreos come in a wide range of varieties and forms.

To celebrate their 100th birthday Oreos implemented a social strategy which involved them posting about current and historical events for 100 days. These posts however contained twists in the form of shaping the Oreo cookie to capture the essence of the particular topic that was happening. For example on the talk like a pirate day Oreo posted a cookie with an eye patch on it and for when the mars rover landed, they posted a cookie with red cream and tire tracks over it. They disseminated this content by posting it all over Facebook, Twitter, and Pininterest for maximum saturation effect.

The results from this campaign achieved fantastic results.

  • 280% increase in Facebook shares
  • 510% increase in re-tweets on Twitter
  • 1 million Facebook likes
  • 230 million media impressions on other sites

The success generated from the campaign can be attributed to many different elements. One of the biggest strengths of this campaign I feel is that the content generated from it targeted a huge range of demographics to further pique the interest to a wider audience. Additionally their ability to quickly push out and spread quality images and slogans was another key to their success.

This campaign is a great example of the amount of Return of Investment organisation can achieve through the implementation of social media strategies. Oreos no doubt benefited greatly in terms of tangible gains, through increased attention to their product on social media platforms and most likely sales figures.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to provide any feedback or ask me a question.


5 thoughts on “Return on Investment – Oreos

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  2. This is a great post Patrick! ☺ It is an impressive gain once you look closely at the figures. But Oreo has long been a household name in the US and many other countries, in your opinion, how much would you think this campaign would have helped increased their sales? Cheers! 😀

  3. Very interesting they chose to initiate their project by covering a controversial topic (homosexuality). Obviously it worked out in their favour considering it being picked up by those late night show hosts, though they could have easily been bought. Those social media improvement figures are great, but did they actually translate into anything else? Coverage is one thing, but how did those the brand or the business operations?

    I think it’s funny to note how far the Orea brand has come considering it was originally an imitation/knock-off brand of Hydrox (true story).

    Also, I long for some of those Oreo designs.

    • I feel that the overall mission of the campaign positively acheived its goals and objectives towards its brand and business operations. The fact that they are implementing another huge marketing campaign about wonderfilled oreos through songs ( makes me believe they see the power in this sort of advertising approach.

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